Welcome to Fairview

A Vibrant Pre-K to 8th Grade School Community

The Fairview Public School District is a Pre-Kindergarten through Grade Eight district operating in four buildings. They are Lincoln Elementary School (grades 5 to 8) located on Anderson and Day Avenues and Number Three School (grades 2 to 4) located on Cliff Street. The Lincoln School Annex is home to our kindergarten, and the School Three Annex, Located on Fourth Street is home to students in pre-school and grade one.

  • The current elementary population is approximately 1600 children and is expected to continue to rise before leveling off later in the decade. In addition, there are approximately 550 Fairview high school students attending Cliffside Park High School.
  • The elementary program is designed to prepare our students academically, socially, and emotionally for entrance into high school. Along with traditional academic subjects, students are given instruction in fine arts, vocal music, physical education and health, and world language.
  • The district has continued to increase the use of technology by our students. Equipment is constantly being upgraded in an effort to keep students familiar with current trends

The primary mission of the Fairview Schools is reflected in the district’s motto: Educating Our Children for Tomorrow. This will ensure our students are prepared for the world of tomorrow by enabling them, in their decision making and through the development of solid communication skills, the ability to use emerging technologies and to think critically about the world in which they live.


Educating Our Children for Tomorrow.

A Fairview Education

Great Schools

Fairview Borough is home to a vibrant community and an innovative PK-8 public school district.

Digital Centric

Technology is being integrated into every facet of the curriculum.


Every classroom has been equipped with the latest technology.


  Each year several areas of the curriculum undergo a complete revision by our trained faculty.


Fairview students receive strong preparation for state assessments.

Strategic Plan

Fairview’s Central Administration has worked hard at crafting a forward leaning strategic plan.


The Fairview Schools are proud to partner with local civic and business organizations.

Growing Community

Our 1 square mile boundary is home to a diverse population of several thousand residents.