Welcome to Fairview

A Vibrant K-8 School Community

The Fairview Public School District is a Pre-Kindergarten through Grade Eight district operating in four buildings. They are Lincoln Elementary School (grades 5 to 8) located on Anderson and Day Avenues and Number Three School (grades 2 to 4) located on Cliff Street. The Lincoln School Annex is home to grades pre-kindergarten and kindergarten, and the School Three Annex, Located on Fourth Street is home to students in grade one.

  • The current elementary population is approximately 1530 children and is expected to continue to rise before leveling off later in the decade. In addition, there are approximately 550 Fairview high school students attending Cliffside Park High School.
  • The elementary program is designed to prepare our students academically, socially, and emotionally for entrance into high school. Along with traditional academic subjects, students are given instruction in fine arts, vocal music, physical education and health, and world language.
  • The district has continued to increase the use of technology by our students. Equipment is constantly being upgraded in an effort to keep students familiar with current trends

The primary mission of the Fairview Schools is reflected in the district’s motto: Educating Our Children for Tomorrow. This will ensure our students are prepared for the world of tomorrow by enabling them, in their decision making and through the development of solid communication skills, the ability to use emerging technologies and to think critically about the world in which they live.

Lincoln School

Located in the center of the town of Fairview, Lincoln School has been a landmark since 1911. The school has been renovated with new and modern plumbing, heating, wiring, air conditioning systems, ceilings, and floors. In addition, the Lincoln School Annex, located on Hamilton and Day Avenues, serves as our Early Childhood Center. This has upgraded the physical plant by adding much needed classroom space which is necessary for the improvement of the educational program. Lincoln School has always benefited from the multicultural atmosphere of Fairview. Each child brings with him or her a background which has enhanced the socio-cultural makeup of the school.

Today, as always, understanding these varied heritages enriches the educational experience of our students. Our fine teaching staff use sophisticated teaching methods to reach all of our students. Whether in the basic skills, E.S.L. or the honors curriculum, staff work hard to help children reach their full potential. Enrichment programs are offered in art, music, library, computers and world languages in grades 5 through 8. Extra curricular activities include girls’ and boys’ basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, cheerleading, band, color guard, yearbook, National Junior Honor Society and student council. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Principal or Vice Principal.

Lincoln School Annex

Located in the center of the town of Fairview, New Jersey, the Lincoln School Annex serves as the Early Childhood Center for the district. Students in grades Pre-K through Kindergarten attend school at the Annex. The building provides a comfortable, educational atmosphere for children. In addition to the pleasant physical environment, the students who attend school here benefit from an extremely professional, experienced staff and support staff. These factors all contribute to a truly wonderful environment for a student to gain a solid educational foundation. The philosophy of the staff and administration of the Lincoln School Annex is to have parents be active participants in the educational process. Teachers make a conscious effort to keep parents involved and informed as to the progress of their children.

The ethnic diversity of the community has also served to add to the educational experience of those who attend school here. We view this diversity as a major asset to the educational and social development of our students. In addition to core academic subjects, students are exposed to a variety of cultural activities designed to enhance their first learning experience. The early childhood program is dedicated to having children learn to express themselves by incorporating art and music appreciation into everyday instruction. Please feel free to direct any questions about our programs to the Principal.

Number Three School

Number Three School was built in 1908 and is located at 403 Cliff Street. The building houses approximately 500 students in grades 2-4. The school also has one learning center that services children in grades 3 and 4. The students receive all the core curriculum academic subjects as well as music, library, art, physical education and Spanish as a world language. A part time speech teacher addresses the students speech needs and we service many children in our resource center program.

Students who are new to the country receive ESL (English as a Second Language) and the students who qualify also receive Bilingual Reading and Math instruction.

The ESL program services the students five days per week, 40 minutes per day. The Bilingual program is also five days per week. Number Three School has the “little school house” atmosphere where staff members get to know the pupils and parents on a more personal level.

Number Three School Annex

Number Three School Annex became part of Fairview’s District in the 2006-2007 academic year . It is strictly a Grade One temporary classroom facility which we are leasing from the Newark Archdiocese. This facility has allowed the district to add sections to other grade levels in an effort to reduce class sizes and provide students with the best possible education.