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Parenting Tips

1. Bedtime Math

Feeling a little anxious about helping your child with her math homework?  Or just looking for a way to help give your child’s math score’s a boost?  Reading a bedtime math-related story can help on both counts!


2. Teach your child what not to share

If your child is going to succeed in school, he/she has to be healthy enough to attend. Many childhood illnesses are spread when students come in contact with one another’s belongings. It’s important to help your child learn to share, but make sure they know that in order to be healthy there are some things they must never share with other students, such as food, drinks, hats, brushes, combs, clothing and lip balm.


3. Rules at home help avoid distractions at school

Teachers can’t teach if they are busy disciplining students. Parents can help by reinforcing school rules at home. To support your child’s teacher, teach your child to show respect for others’ property. Expect him to keep his hands, feet and objects to himself. Do not tolerate inappropriate language. Show your child how to follow directions, and let him know he should avoid distracting the teacher or the class.


4. Keep an eye on your child’s screen time

Kids who watch many hours of TV a day have less time to spend on schoolwork and other activities that support academic achievement, such as pleasure reading, family time and even sleep. Keep track of how much TV your child watches. Set limits, and keep the TV (and other screens and electronics) off during dinner and before your child finishes homework.